Issue with Installation

Added by Vishal Sheth about 6 years ago

I have installed becpg-1.6.0-20140407-1124-becpg-designer & becpg-1.6.0-20140407-1124-becpg-project same time as per the windows installation process as mentioned below.

Stop Alfresco
Copy all AMPs under alfresco/amps folder
Copy apply_becpg_amps.bat under alfresco/bin
Run "apply_becpg_amps.bat"
Copy tomcat/shared/classes/ under alfresco/tomcat/shared/classes
Adapt to your installation
Start Alfresco

I am able to see drop down but screen always shows message 'Please choose a component', there is no model and configuration entry found as shown in video.

Do you feel if there is any installation miss? please help.