Can't see log updates

Added by d b almost 8 years ago

My model and config files seem to be working well using the community version model designer in Alfresco 4.2.f under Ubuntu 14.04. I've observed a comment in the file that BECPG has disabled Alfresco logging since the "console is enough..". Indeed, I am getting no Alfresco log updates in the standard log file, alfresco.log. However, I also see no log results in the Administration BECPG console. Is this the wrong place to be looking? I feel like I've overlooked something that should be obvious.

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RE: Can't see log updates - Added by Matthieu Laborie almost 8 years ago


I don't understand your issue, please provide more details, what is not working? which logs are you looking for. What is your becpg installation (designer, project or PLM, version number) ...


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moi aussi je pense que j'ai le même problème.
Après l'installation de becgp designer v1.6.4 sur mon alfresco v4.2.e je ne trouve plus de logs dans le fichier alfresco.log existant sous le répertoire C:/Alfresco.

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RE: Can't see log updates - Added by Matthieu Laborie over 7 years ago


beCPG override Alfresco log4j, it is designed for installation on linux Machine to have color on standard output and remove standard alfresco.log.
On windows this is useless. I will remove that for next release, and keep-it on a separate Jar for enterprise version.
You can safely remove on the becpg-core AMP under /config.