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Added by riccardo bernardi about 7 years ago

Good morning,

I am having a problem in importing suppliers in raw materials.

First I have created a new supplier with the bcpg:code "S2". Then I populated the csv file by adding "S2" (I also tried "2" only) in the bcpg:suppliers field.

I got this message.

Starting date: Fri Feb 03 12:12:08 CET 2017 Error: org.alfresco.error.AlfrescoRuntimeException: 01038035 Exception in Transaction. at org.alfresco.repo.transaction.RetryingTransactionHelper.doInTransaction( at fr.becpg.repo.importer.impl.ImportServiceImpl.importText( at fr.becpg.repo.action.executer.ImporterActionExecuter$FileImporter.lambda$run$39( at fr.becpg.repo.action.executer.ImporterActionExecuter$FileImporter$$Lambda$83/386497750.doWork(Unknown Source) at at fr.becpg.repo.action.executer.ImporterActionExecuter$ at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker( at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$ at Caused by: fr.becpg.repo.importer.ImporterException: Target assoc not found. type:Supplier - value:S2 at fr.becpg.repo.importer.impl.AbstractImportVisitor.findTargetNodeByValue( at fr.becpg.repo.importer.impl.AbstractImportVisitor.findTargetNodesByValue( at fr.becpg.repo.importer.impl.AbstractImportVisitor.importAssociations( at fr.becpg.repo.importer.impl.AbstractImportVisitor.importNode( at fr.becpg.repo.importer.impl.ImportEntityListAspectVisitor.importNode( at fr.becpg.repo.importer.impl.ImportServiceImpl.importInBatch( at fr.becpg.repo.importer.impl.ImportServiceImpl.lambda$importText$50( at fr.becpg.repo.importer.impl.ImportServiceImpl$$Lambda$85/137193012.execute(Unknown Source) at org.alfresco.repo.transaction.RetryingTransactionHelper.doInTransaction( ... 8 more Ending date: Fri Feb 03 12:12:08 CET 2017

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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RE: Importing error - Added by Philippe Quéré about 7 years ago


bcpg:code is generated automatically.
You should use the field bcpg:erpCode if you want to store a code filled manually.

Best regards,

RE: Importing error - Added by riccardo bernardi about 7 years ago

thank you for your answer.
It works!

RE: Importing error - Added by riccardo bernardi about 7 years ago

Do you know if it is possible to empty the data list before doing the import procedure?

I import ingredients to a raw material like this:
ING A 50%
ING B 50%

But for some reasons the raw materials has changed and now it is made with only ING A (100%).

I know that is possible to set ING A 100% and ING B 0%, but I would like to remove B completely.

Is it possible to delete the ingredient B during the import step?


RE: Importing error - Added by Matthieu Laborie about 7 years ago


You can use:


In your import header


RE: Importing error - Added by riccardo bernardi about 7 years ago

Very nice :-)!!
It works perfectly!

Is it possible to do the same with the Characteristics List? Like ingredients, allergens, nutrients, costs, etc.

Thanks again!