beCPG PLM Community: 2.2.a Release (26 comments)

Added by Matthieu Laborie over 2 years ago

beCPG is surfing on the 5.2 Alfresco wave with the launch of its new version 2.2.

This new beCPG release is available on SourceForge

Focused on a meticulous entities review, this latter will allow a simple access to your products and a fast understanding of the origins of each one of your products’ properties !

New features

Alfresco 5.2

Sites dashboards are now optional which gives the possibility to sites managers to choose the homepage they want.

The "Live Search" appears, with the possibility to restrict the search to a some sites for the purpose of refining it.

Linked documentation:

5C Score computation

Based on the ruling of the 5th April of 2017, the new computation method of the 5C score has been integrated to the beCPG software. By simply selecting your product’s category in its properties form, the 5C score will be automatically calculated after a new formulation. The coloured logo associated to this score will then be displayed in the product’s properties and may be used as additionnal information to the nutritional declaration.

Linked documentation:

Sensitive version

The sensitive version allows the store of a precise historical of the previous versions of your products. The goal of the sensitive version is to be able to apply changes to a raw material but without using this new version in the previous versions of the semi finished or finished products in which it’s used !

The new « Activities » list

An « Activities » list has been added to each entity in order to follow actions carried on by the site members on this latter.


Simulation of all the characteristics when a change order is used

It’s now possible to evaluate the impact on nutritional properties, costs and also all the characteristics you’ve set using your own formulas !

Bulk edition on many pages

The bulk edition of the new beCPG version will be very helpful. In fact, it will allow the selection of products in many pages and their grouped edition in order to modify a field such as the shelf life, family etc.

Optimized search

Data lists can now be sorted on many pages and it’s possible to realise a multiple selection.

Moreover, the advanced search allows the investigation and the sorting of the results within many families and/or subfamilies.

Meticulous review of the entities with the improvement of the magnifier

The magnifier 2.2 allows the display of the previous year’s costs and the detail of the materials’ allegations.

A new theme for the display of technical sheets

Display of the project manager avatar in the « Project » dashlet

New labeling rules

It’s now possible to establish a rule specific for the labels generated in a certain langage. Moreover, the rules can be defined manually on a product, synchronised from entities models or even defined as models in which case, they will be applied by default but not visible on the entities.

beCPG PLM Community: 2.1.c Release (30 comments)

Added by Philippe Quéré almost 3 years ago

This new beCPG release is available on SourceForge
It will be the last stable version for Alfresco 5.1.

News in this version:

Technical aspects

beCPG is now based on a new technical foundation (Alfresco 5.1; Tomcat 7.0.62; Apache SOLR4; Java 8) and takes over MySQL 5.7 and Ubuntu Xenial.

A new theme

A new theme has been added to improve the user experience and provide a better visibility of the information.

Better critical look on nutritional values

Products catalogues, to say goodbye to incomplete or errored products sheets

More info on beCPG blog:

beCPG PLM Community: 2.0.d Release (52 comments)

Added by Matthieu Laborie about 4 years ago

This new beCPG release is available on sourceForge
It will be the last stable version for Alfresco 5.0.

New in this version:

Product management


  • Export excel lists
  • Merging pages details and characteristics
  • Ergonomics review
  • Central action button
  • Improved preview of product specification
  • Improved autocomplete

Improved Multilevel lists support

  • The number of displayed levels of the composition is stored in the user preferences
  • Design of multi-level formulas (dynamic columns)
  • Multi-level packaging Report


  • Consideration of manual values ??and formulated
  • Display of warnings directly on nutrients
  • Taking into account loss %


  • Better cost management
  • Cost management in year N+1 and N-1
  • Taking into account the costs related to a site or to a customer (eg storage, transport)
  • Simulation Cost RM / PACK

Ingredients - Labelling

  • Added ingredient support
  • Added raw material category
  • Management of plural and formats, simplifying the labeling
  • Multiple Reconstructions (water + milk powder and sugar + cocoa)
  • Detailed labeling
  • Allergen coloring support

Supplier Portal

Project management

beCPG PLM Community: 2.0.a Release (3 comments)

Added by Matthieu Laborie almost 5 years ago

This new beCPG release is available on sourceForge
It's the first of the serie of beCPG modules available for Alfresco 5.0.
This release is provided for test purpose and has not been qualified for production. Stable branch is still 1.6.

This release is for Alfresco 5.0.c community, it introduce no new features.

beCPG PLM Community: 1.6.d Release (3 comments)

Added by Matthieu Laborie about 5 years ago

This new stable beCPG release is available on sourceForge

It fix more than twenty bugs, and adds two new functionalities:

  • Calcul of allergen percentage
  • Full multi-langue birt report support

Wizard module is now production ready and is being used by clients.

More details on:

beCPG PLM Community: 1.6.a Release (11 comments)

Added by Matthieu Laborie over 5 years ago

beCPG-Community 1.6.a is out. It has been a long time that we are working on it.
It's the first release using the new module arrangement.
Designer includes now the core plm module fonctionnalities and soon will be the base tool to build new PLM applications from scratch.

- Unpublish button (Designer)
- Ability to sort fields order (Designer)
- Full windows compatibility (Project/Designer)
- Full Solr compatibility (Project/Designer)
- New beCPG Menu and Admin Tools (Project/Designer)

From now new released files will be available on sourceforge

beCPG PLM Community: beCPG Community Available (1 comment)

Added by Matthieu Laborie almost 6 years ago

As the beginning of 2014, beCPG has decided and takes some times to provide all its main modules as Open Source.

We believe that using a LGPLv3 license will help beCPG to grow as a product as it allows people to use the software more freely. We have been refactoring our code and migrated it to Alfresco 4.2.e Community. The code is now more modular, and each modules can be used by it's own.

We will try to provide technical documentation about features under wiki pages and answer questions on forum.
As we still prioritized Clients and Enterprise version so they will not be fixed release dates for community versions.
Community version will be a "stable" snapshot of the community trunk from time to times with new features.

Some specific features and packaging will stay on Enterprise version as stable and qualified branches.


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