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Added by Matthieu Laborie almost 6 years ago

As the beginning of 2014, beCPG has decided and takes some times to provide all its main modules as Open Source.

We believe that using a LGPLv3 license will help beCPG to grow as a product as it allows people to use the software more freely. We have been refactoring our code and migrated it to Alfresco 4.2.e Community. The code is now more modular, and each modules can be used by it's own.

We will try to provide technical documentation about features under wiki pages and answer questions on forum.
As we still prioritized Clients and Enterprise version so they will not be fixed release dates for community versions.
Community version will be a "stable" snapshot of the community trunk from time to times with new features.

Some specific features and packaging will stay on Enterprise version as stable and qualified branches.

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