beCPG Community

beCPG community provides the main modules of beCPG in Open Source.

We believe that using a LGPLv3 license will help beCPG to grow as a product as it allows people to use the software more freely.

We will provide technical documentation about features under wiki pages and answer questions on forums.
beCPG community can be downloaded on SourceForge.

Community version is a "stable" snapshot of the community trunk from time to times with new features. Release dates for community versions are not planned.
Enterprise version has some specific features and its own packaging. It has stable and qualified branches.

beCPG Designer

beCPG Designer is a model designer module for Alfresco Share.
This module allows to create, test and publish models and forms directly from Alfresco Share
without editing XML files manually, takes in account hot deployments.

This designer permits also to create models and forms for Workflows.
This *video* presents the designer.


beCPG PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) manages the entire lifecycle of a product from its conception, through design and manufacture, to service and disposal.

beCPG PLM provides many benefits:
- Improve time-to-market
- Decreased cost of new product introduction
- Standards and regulatory compliance

beCPG PLM has many capabilities:
- Product portfolio management
- Formula and recipe management
- Report generator (ie: Product specification, user manual, ...)
- New product development and introduction (NPD, NPI) with beCPG Project Manager
- Quality management (non-conformities, customer complaints, CAPA: corrective action and preventive action)

beCPG Project Manager

beCPG Project Manager is a project management module for Alfresco Share.
Some monitoring screens displays projects and tasks completion, expected deliverables.

Adhoc workflows or more complex workflows (BPM) can be launched automatically on each task allowing flexibility in the progress of the project and its follow-up.

Screens displays projects and tasks completion, expected deliverables.

The Gantt view displays the actual schedule and forecast of each project.