Backup and recovery


The backup in beCPG is a fully automated on-the-spot procedure (which means with a turning on system).

The backup includes:
- The backup of the search index ;
- The backup of the data from databases ;
- The backup of contents and setting data.

The backup order is important, by default it’s guaranteed by the beCPG scripts and carried out in this order :

  1. 00:00 Statistics update (Cube OLAP)
  2. 03:00 Creation of the search index backups
  3. 03:30 Creation of the databases backups
  4. 04:00 Backups of contents and setting

The backups and contents are available on the beCPG server in : D:\becpg-tc-server or /opt/becpg-tc-server.

The backup of the folder can be done thanks to the tool « rsync » or another tool from 4:00 (point 4).


On certain installations, the databases backups are on the databases machine (7 days) in D:\backup ou /backup


The recovery of the system is done while the system is off.

Stop the service

On the beCPG server :

Under windows :

 Arrêter le service becpg-tc-server

Under linux :

/etc/init.d/inst1 stop

Copy files

Rename D:\becpg-tc-server or /opt/becpg-tc-server to becpg-tc-server-old
Copy and paste the backup to D:\becpg-tc-server or /opt/becpg-tc-server

MySQL databases recovery

On the machine in : D:\backup\mysql_daily_backups ou /backup/mysql_daily_backups.
On the principal server in : /opt/becpg-tc-server/backup/mysql_daily_backups

By means of the on line command tool mysqldump, recover the databases inst1 and becpg_olap


mysql -u root -pbecpg inst1 < D:\backup\mysql_daily_backups\mon_du_fichier_inst1
mysql -u root -pbecpg becpg_olap < D:\backup\mysql_daily_backups\mon_du_fichier_becpg_olap

Under windows , you can directly use the mysql client :

show databases;
use inst1;
source D:\backup\mysql_daily_backups\mon_du_fichier_inst1;

Restart the service

On the beCPG server :

Under windows :

Démarrer le service becpg-tc-server

Under linux :

/etc/init.d/inst1 start


Notes :
  • It’s important to keep a backup of the set virtual machine ;
  • This documentation doesn’t cover the recovery or the installation on the virtual machine.