How to create your forms.

After creating your model (Types, properties, aspects, associations...), you can create your form.

Select your form file -> Go to Types -> Drag your type and drop it to create your form.

Once you drop your type, to configuration elements will be created in your file:
  • Model Type : This configuration element concerns the forms for creating a new node. It is used when the node does not exist yet.
  • Node Type : this configuration element concerns the forms of edition. It is used when the node exists and the user wants to edit it.

Now, let's focus on the Model type in order to create the forms of creation.
In the Model Type, a default form is created with the fields of the type we created. The default form is the form that allows you to add a new Item.
To this element configuration, we can add teh datagrid and filter form. The datagrid form is the form where you can read your entries while the filter form is destined to filter what you want to display on the datagrid form.

To add the datagrid form, select Model type configuration -> forms -> new Item -> Name it "datagrid" and specify the association as "Forms" and the Element Type "Form". Same thing for the filter form, but just name is "filter".

After creating your form, select it and drag and drop the properties you want to see in it like this :

You can now publish your form and see the changes!