Download and Install


You can download beCPG community on SourceForge or you can build it from sources.
Each module has a community release provided as a Zip archive.


The Alfresco Community version:
Or the Alfresco One version:


Depending on your download, choose the corresponding documentation:

Virtual machine

Not sure how to install beCPG on your computer but want to start testing it locally right now?
beCPG provides also a ready to use PLM virtual machine on SourceForge (Download file becpg-plm-community-*.*.*.ova).

Requirements :

  • Any OVF compatible virtualization player (VirtualBox is a good one)
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 2GB of free disk space

Installation overview:

  • Unzip the file to get the .ova filee
  • In VirtualBox, in the File menu, click on Import Appliance, and choose the .ova file