Checkout project

Sources are available under LGPL licence with mercurial:

hg clone

user: read-only
password : read-only

Refer to README

Build project

You should use Apache Maven version 3 or more to build project.
Maven can be found at

You also need docker

First install becpg-tools and becpg-report

hg clone
cd becpg-tools
mvn clean install

hg clone
cd becpg-report
mvn clean install

Then use to start docker with becpg-community

First you should use ./ install (To build becpg-base docker image)
Then ./ build_start

cd becpg
Usage: ./ {install|build_start|build_test|start|stop|purge|tail|test|deploy_fast}

You can also generate alfresco AMP using:

$> mvn clean package -DskipTests=true

Projects can be found in target dirs.


If you want to contribute code or translations, here is a dedicated page

You can also send us patch or feedback using forge tools like forums or issues.
Thank you for your contributions !