Alfresco share wizard

beCPG allows to create advanced wizard with alfresco share config. Wizard can then be used standalone or during a project task or a plm action.

To create a wizard you can add following configs under share-config-custom.xml

<config evaluator="string-compare" condition="wizard">
            <wizard id="sample-npd">
                <step id="step1" label="Création demande" type="form" formId="create-article" 
                    itemId="pjt:project" nextStepWebScript="becpg/project/entity?nodeRef={nodeRef}"></step>
                <step id="step2" label="Information produits" type="form" 
                    formId="create-article" itemId="bcpg:finishedProduct"></step>
                <step id="step3" label="Composition produit" type="entityDataList" 
                    listId="compoList" itemId="bcpg:compoList"></step>
                <step id="step4" label="Emballages" type="entityDataList" listId="packagingList" 
As you can notice:
  • You can use several formId with or without existing nodes.
  • You can call intermediate webscript with nextStepWebScript (the webscript should return a nodeRef to use it in the next step).
  • You can display entity datalists

Then to call the wizard to create a new node:


or to open an existing one: