beCPG with alvex

Added by Alex Alex about 5 years ago

Hello, I need your help.
I am using Alfresco 5, alvex and beCPG.
And alvex has an opportunity to create new task from MySite homePage. But when I download beCPG creating new task is calling an error.
What I have to do to resolve this problem.

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RE: beCPG with alvex - Added by Mateusz Knapik about 5 years ago

Hi all,
there's a conflict with multilanguage textfields added by beCPG and Alvex workflow permissions extension.
If you edit textfield.ftl and textarea.ftl and remove this part "<@formLib.renderLocaleImage field=field />" then you can start workflows successfully, although you lose some functionality.

Because alvex provides it's own form webscript, it seems that formLib object is not present when it is evaluating these files from beCPG, thus it fails.

I've tried to import form.lib.js as formLib, but then it fails on another field so for now I stick with the first solution.

Hope this helps.